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About Xtreme Power Design

XP Design began in November of 2000, as a little group simply devoted to delivering information to visitors quickly, but still maintaining stylish characteristics to our sites. Today, we still obtain our same goals, but we have extended our reach to our visitors, giving you more updated and specific information, with even better looking sites to allow you to browse quickly and easily.

Our site emphasises that information can come quickly and easily, but with tasteful and modern additives to enhance your browsing experience. Sites coming in the future to XP Design Group are as followed:

Vauxhall of the Week - As some of you might know, VOTW Online is a website, but never was assisted by XP Design. Now, the site specializing in these foreign vehicles will be returning with a brand new, updated look, with the help of our design group.

Rollercoaster Addictions - A site dedicated to the thrill and rush of rollercoasters and theme parks. Will offer insights and reviews on different amusement parks from around the world.

FerretPad - All you need to know about these little creatures, like how to live with one, where to buy, and of course, the best way of taking care of your ferret. It's all here, and coming soon.

We at XP Design are excited about the new changes occuring to our sites, and hope you will come along for the ride and experience the difference our network of sites offer to you.

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